Day: April 28, 2016


OK so let me tell you, before my cancer started affecting my life (I struggled for 3 years before it was found, but that’s another story I already rambled on about), I was thick and juicy but pretty healthy. Before the dx, I started to gain weight, I had no energy and was in pain ALL THE TIME! I would take a crap ton of advil a day. After my dx, the meds they put me on and the menopause really socked it to me.  I have gained 40lbs in the last 2 years. I was told I could not exercise as the bone tumors made me prone to fractures and breaks.  I have 2 in my spine, 1 in my rib, 1 in my femur and 1 in my hip.  Aside from the rib, breaking or fracturing any of these bones would end with an unpleasant result, to say the least. My Dr. Chang, lovely Dr. Chang does not seem to care about my weight gain. Every new med he would say “You’re not going to like this but it will cause weight gain!” (I think he gets a kick out of giving me that news) I remember in the beginning, trying to find silver linings about my disease and thought “Oh,  I guess I am going to lose some weight, all cancer people are skinny! YES!” Alas, this is not true. Leave it to me to get the fat cancer!!! I just can’t catch a fucking break!

Also, living with daily pain, sucks! I’m tired, so very tired. Example: mowing the lawn=increased pain and feeling drained and more pain medication. So not fair!! The reality:  treatments will never stop & chemo will be a part of my life until my life ends. (man, that sounds bleak lol)

Anyhoo, on with the story! Where was I, tired, sore and fat OK! So, I suck at exercise!

Introducing my salvation, Natasha van der Wÿst!!!  *insert trumpets

She kicks my ass!! and I love her for it! xo girl!!! I can not explain properly how much she has changed my world!  She is healing with her touch, motivating with her words and inspiring with her spirit! She is so creative and makes every torture session AMAZING! I have now been working with Tash for a month and a half. I have lost inches and pounds WOOHOO!!! But let me tell you what I have gained. A purpose! A friend! Sleep has increased. (it’s a cancer thing, getting any is a gift! lol). Feeling more positive about myself and just the day! Stronger! More prepared for the future days ahead. The workouts are stress relieving, focused and self motivating! I think I may have said it before: don’t get a therapist, get a trainer!

Tash’s knowledge and commitment are remarkable!

When we started, it was quickly discovered how out of shape I was. I mean a sweaty moaning mess!!! I was exhausted 3 minutes on the elliptical for crying out loud! I had no strength in my arms, baby arms really, no wonder I could not whisk an egg or give a proper hand job without tiring and changing hands constantly!! With hard work and determination (a few tears and sore muscles) and Tash’s never ending encouragement we launch an attack on my fat and my cancer 3 days a week and are seeing progress! I can now go 20 mins. on that elliptical and my baby arms are growing stronger everyday!!

She has taught me so much about diet. Protein sources matter people! Water Kefir and Kombucha. Bread that is not bread HOLLA! Seriously, check it out, white bean grape skin bread, gluten free 2 pieces 70 calories, 6 grams of carbs and 3 grams of fat (I know I just blew your mind because mine was blown too), go get some! Quest bars, organic foods, wheat grass and barley grass. We have to nourish our bodies, not poison them! I can’t stress enough how important diet is for everyone but especially for people battling a disease. Preachy right but seriously, it can change your world too. Amen!  (now I want a cheeseburger Christ’s sake!!!)

It is said and printed in almost every article, blog, book etc. how important exercise is. Hey I get it. Feeling like shit, sick and tired, someday’s it is hard to make yourself a simple cup of tea let alone get up and get out to exercise. It gets easier my friends, the more you do it, like anything the first step is the hardest! You will feel better! SO take in a deep breath and GET UP! GET OUT! FEEL BETTER! You are strong and deserve to feel your best, that is when we are unstoppable!!!!

I love you Tash, my trainer, my friend, my savior!!!!!