What does cancer look like…

“But you look so good!”

“You don’t look sick!”

“I thought chemo would make you lose weight?!”

“Wow, I would never know you had cancer, you must be beating it!”

Most people have an automatic misconception of how a person with cancer should look. I was one of these people before my dx. You would be amazed at how many “normal looking” people are battling and fighting this disease and many other diseases. Aside from the bald during chemo, most of us remain ambiguously mingled in a crowd, our scars are hidden and we bravely simulate an “ordinary” appearance for ourselves and others in a veil of normalcy to get through a day.

Some of us have had mastectomies. A bald head under wigs or hats. Some have ports hidden under shirts. Some have to wear compression socks on arms legs etc to help battle lymph-edema. Some have had limbs removed or internal parts removed. Scars from surgeries. Colostomy bags. Hidden IV with meds being pumped through. Most hidden of all are the scars within us.

We, as people, are all carrying a weight of some sort, some are just heavier than others. No judgement should be made, no assumptions. I guess we should all remember, be kind to each other and love one another. 



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