Day: June 16, 2016

Hair & Now!

Soooo after being bald for the better part of a year or so, my hair began to grow back! I was so excited!!! It is amazing how much you can feel like your old self again with eyebrows, eyelashes and hair!!! Lately, sadly, I seem to have forgotten how sad I was to be bald. You see my hair is growing and after chemo your hair is not quite itself. Different texture and colour. What I never thought about was the growing out process. Currently it is too short to cut and too long not to cut.  I have dubbed myself the Heat Miser! (it works because of the hair and the fact that I have crazy hot flashes and radiate heat like an oven) Does anyone remember The Year Without Santa Clause?? This is where I am at folks (I can’t believe I posted this lmao!) While so happy to have hair I cannot seem to feel a little sour at it right now. Even my ball cap struggles to contain it’s mammoth existence! I guess I will wait it out and hope the heat miser days end soon!


heatmiser.jpgthumbnail_IMG_20160616_101743_747 (2).jpg