Hair & Now!

Soooo after being bald for the better part of a year or so, my hair began to grow back! I was so excited!!! It is amazing how much you can feel like your old self again with eyebrows, eyelashes and hair!!! Lately, sadly, I seem to have forgotten how sad I was to be bald. You see my hair is growing and after chemo your hair is not quite itself. Different texture and colour. What I never thought about was the growing out process. Currently it is too short to cut and too long not to cut. Β I have dubbed myself the Heat Miser! (it works because of the hair and the fact that I have crazy hot flashes and radiate heat like an oven) Does anyone remember The Year Without Santa Clause?? This is where I am at folks (I can’t believe I posted this lmao!) While so happy to have hair I cannot seem to feel a little sour at it right now. Even my ball cap struggles to contain it’s mammoth existence! I guess I will wait it out and hope the heat miser days end soon!


heatmiser.jpgthumbnail_IMG_20160616_101743_747 (2).jpg


17 thoughts on “Hair & Now!

  1. Hilarious! It seems to take so long for your hair to grow back! I went through the same feeling as you. I called it the awkward stage for 6 months. Mine never went back to my original straight hair. It’s curly & so much darker. The eye brows & eye lashes was the strangest for me. I was so happy to have those back! Hope it gets to a more Managable stage soon! You look amazing tho!!

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  2. Love how you manage to smile and see the humour in it all. New hair growth is never pretty but your beauty far supasses that of the hair upon your head, so all good !!

    Can’t wait for the post where we all look back at this one and have a good cry/laugh.

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  3. Be careful what you wish for. Ha! I, too, didn’t like being bald. I found a certain sense of humor about it but it left me feeling a bit…exposed! I am WAY behind you in the growing-it-back category. Let’s laugh and remind each other what is really important!

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