On this day I celebrate with our great nation, a Canadian tradition and passion, The Tragically Hip! This band has been a part of my life for so long. My adoration began with the album Road Apples, listening with my awesome cousin Dave Doyle (a very strong mentor in my passion for music). Many years this band has inspired me. I have danced, sang, cried and listened, With his diagnosis, I feel a kinship with Gord. Closer somehow to this amazing man and band. I heard  a Hip song on the radio today and cried. I can only imagine the incredible energy the crowd and band will feel tonight as they play their show in Kingston, ON. I find it very difficult to narrow down a favorite song, but got it to top 5, so here you go:

Pigeon Camera

Wheat Kings

Fully Compeletly

Grace, Too

New Orleans is Sinking

and an honorable mention…




The list could continue, this was sooo hard!!! I wanted to change and add but I did my best! lol

Thank you Tragically Hip!!! You have touched so many lives and rocked our worlds! May the days ahead be  full of love and laughter Gord!


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