A sentence finished

A while back, I found the website, itsabouttimembc.com  I saw an area with instructions  to finish the sentence, “It’s about time______”

I was blown away when I received an e-mail letting me know my little voice was published! Also with a direct link to my blog!!! The website is to help awareness by elevating stories and voices of people affected by this disease. Please check it out! There is some great information on MBC but much more than that, it helps give faces and a realness to a disease that is normally drowned under pink ribbons!


Here is what I said

It’s about time metastatic had it!!! Education, funding and awareness.

My world was rocked when I received my diagnosis. I had no idea in which the world I was being thrust into. I am in the “de novo” group being in the 6% who are diagnosed metastatic. I was only 39 and my life was pulled out from beneath my feet!

I have recently started a blog in hopes to help others living with this disease and I hope you find it entertaining and honest, but most of all, I hope my message of hope and awareness comes through.

Thank You for reading and considering me! Fight on, lifers!!


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