Day: October 26, 2016

Life with Chemo, a helpful list!

So there are many kinds of chemo and how chemo acts in each body is personal to everyone, this is what I have learned so far! Side effects that I may have, someone else may not have or it may be better or worse. A/C chemo was horrible, in a different way than my Paclitaxel is affecting me.

But here is what is common during chemo- we all have bad days!! During those days we need to be as comfortable as we can manage! Let go of the housework, kids, husbands, friends and family obligations, focus on you and feeling better! Television, movies etc. have placed a lot of undue stress on us who are going through chemo. They paint a picture of energetic,healthy, happy people that is unrealistic. We end up feeling guilty and worry ourselves that we can’t be like the people on television! I am here to tell you, IT IS OK! OK to feel shitty, tired, sick! Because that is what you are supposed to feel. We have been given toxic venom that bombards our bodies and kills without discrimination. It lacks the intelligence to chose between good or bad, it’s purpose, to destroy!!!

Here is an essential list of things chemo patients need:

  • A handheld fan
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Body lotion
  • Biotene mouth spray-so great to keep your mouth moist and fresh
  • Collagen in any form-for your face, chemo ages the fuck out of us!
  • Candy
  • Water-lots and lots drink it!!!!!
  • Tea
  • Slippers that come on and off easy or cozy socks, my god I love a good pair of cozy socks
  • Body spray-to smell better for company
  • Pain meds
  • a good book/magazines
  • puke bucket and wipes
  • Netflix
  • a heating pad-so love my heating pad!!!
  • Cozy pillow and blanket
  • Tablet/laptop/phone
  • a sleep cap/scarf-if  your bald
  • a little snack basket with crackers, ensure shakes and protein bars
  • CANCER CARD- a must have for all chemo goers!! Use it just enough, you don’t want to wear it out 😉
  •  child slave labour at your beck and call to replenish or fulfill yours needs

So that is the list I have compiled. Chemo sucks always! But these items can really help make your time spent in hell a little easier! Nap as required. Remember to move a little too, the body needs movement! Move to the couch for a change of scenery or move to the bathroom to take a bath maybe even move to the kitchen to make a tea.

Try to eat a little something every few hours. It can really help you feel better, even if you think you don’t want to eat. Stay away from foods you really love or want to eat after your treatment is done! It took me a while to want to eat bagels again. Taste-buds do change, sometimes you can’t taste anything your eating or things taste strange. I remember my A/C chemo, I cried eating Kraft Dinner, KRAFT DINNER! I couldn’t taste it and I cried! I stuck to things I had no expectations for but really, so sad that Kraft Dinner was ruined by chemo.

I also found that if I was having a really bad day and was stuck in bed, having my littles with me to watch a movie most comforting.

I also found a group called Chemo Angels! This group designates a volunteer “angel” to you and you receive letters, cards, encouragement and support from someone who knows and understands what you are going through. They just give an extra little pick me up during this hard time. Who doesn’t like getting a card in the mail!! If you know someone or are someone going through chemo or maybe even volunteer (they are looking for people to make a difference, I happen to know a few of you would make excellent chemo angels!), please check out their website and sign up! They are a wonderful and uplifting group I am so happy to have found!!

I hope you have found this to be helpful and I hope your bad chemo days pass quickly!!

Stay strong you got this!!!! Love y’all xo