Time to flick the damn switch!!

OK so I am sorry the last post sounded like I was ready to slash my wrists! The down parts are so much a part of this journey, a big part, so I feel it is important to share those as well. If someone can relate or gain support because they have been there, then it is worth posting the dirty underbelly!! (warning: I will defo be posting more negative’s at some point or another, just being honest 😉 ) I had a 3 hour reflection while I sat in my chemo snow globe today!

So on wards!!!

The people I have in my life are…I don’t really know how to describe them and how they impact my life. I AM lucky so lucky to be surrounded by the people I call “my loved ones”. They are not always blood related but imprinted in my heart and soul. I want to thank you loved ones, with all I have, thank you! I am blessed beyond words! Know how thankful and indebted I am to your unwavering support! I love you!!

I have been thinking a lot about how lucky I truly am, so silly of me to not focus on the great things and let the nasty cancer get so much control!

The past month or so (or more) has been tough and yes my warrior needed a break, it has been almost 3 years she has been at the keel, navigating and keeping us strong, not giving up! I can feel her strength building and her fire radiating, she will soon be ready to break free and The Phoenix, I will rise!!!!


I am Krista, not cancer!




2 thoughts on “Time to flick the damn switch!!

  1. I am so happy, no elated, that you are starting to feel better. I know the last while has been SO hard for you. Never, never feel bad about sharing your inner thoughts; they need to come out – the good, the bad and the ugly. You can’t always have on your warrior face or worry about hurting loved ones – what you’re dealing with is beyond comprehension for most of us. I can’t take your cancer away, I wish to god that I could, but I am always here for you – ready to listen, to cry, to dance under the stars, or whatever it takes to help you rise and your Phoenix break free. xoxo

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