Flying high!

With this diagnosis, thoughts and ideas have grown in importance and my desire “to do” has increased as well. Remember my bucket list post? Well, for quite sometime I thought about flying a plane, why not!!! My uncle Donnie has his licence and we had talked about it one day last summer in his backyard. He is such a wonderful generous man, so to support my endeavor he gave me all the books and supplies I required, as he did not need them anymore. Time has gone on and between much chemo, not feeling well and having no energy, my flight plans were put on hold. Until one serendipitous night! My sister Tina attended Erica’s b-day party and beside having her ass kicked repeatedly by Donnie playing pool, they talked and they were both disappointed that I had not been able to get out there to the skies. Donnie being Donnie (the dream maker 😉 ) they formulated a plan to get me up there. So 4 days later, a big surprise for Krista!!, we were booked! Well today, March 29th, 2017, I flew a plane! And it was amazing!!!

Our pilot, Matt Hobbs was so great. So friendly and supportive. This guy was really awesome! He is only 25 and has been flying for 10 years! He travels all over the world, he just came back from Tanzania! He does not do much teaching anymore but he took the time to be with us. Time I am very grateful for. I just wanted to mention, his landing was so smooth, we didn’t even feel it at all! I am pretty sure landing is the most difficult part of flying a plane and he just did it with such ease and impressed the hell out of us. He is a really great pilot and such a gentleman, he gave me the pilot seat! Yup, I sat in the power seat, the plane was mine! lol

I was lucky to be able to share this experience with my sister and my son Ethan. Ethan was as excited as teenagers get and all he said was “your not going to crash us are you?!” Oh teenager, one day…   My sister and I were giddy and yup, powder-puffs we are, shed a tear or two thinking about how amazing this was! I basically flew the plane the whole time and besides going a little too high ( 5000 ft lol) and being a little tentative on my banking here and there, I took control and flew that plane through clouds and sky!! I loved every second and have had a smile on my face for days!

I need to give the biggest thanks to Donnie of course but also Martin Proulx, Director of Maintenance from Enterprise Air Oshawa! He set up the entire trip and would not take any payment! Thank you so much!! You made a dream come true today and the appreciation we have can not be measured. Truly a flight of a lifetime!!


3 thoughts on “Flying high!

  1. It’s a day I’ll never forget. Being there to share the experience while you lived out one of your dreams is beyond words. I still can’t believe you flew a plane! Despite my couple of panic attacks, lol, I loved every minute. You did amazing!! Words cannot express my gratitude to Donnie, Martin and Matt who all made it all happen. Still on cloud nine!

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