Bucket list- Pasta

So a while back I talked about a bucket list. I can not express how important this list is!! Not just for people with a limited life but for ALL! My hope is that every person checks off a list item once a week. Remember, things put on this list do not always have to be sky high and hard to reach. Sometimes the more simple ones can bring just as much joy and sense of accomplishment and can be so satisfying!! Recently I checked off making pasta. It is just something I have always wanted to do. So my sister, Tina and I were able to spend a few days together and we decided to make it. The dish was pappardelle pasta with a homemade beef ragu. The sauce was spectacular and I highly recommend making it! We used a pressure cooker with stewed beef chunks, celery,carrots, garlic,crushed tomatoes,beef stock and a little tomato paste (I think that’s it), a very simple but delicious sauce. When we started making the pasta, I have to admit, we were nervous. TV always makes it seem so difficult and easily screwed! Don’t overwork or underwork the dough, too dry or too wet, do not overcook or undercook even by seconds!!! This was a lot of pressure lol So we said screw it! We are going to have fun and make this pasta!! ( we had a bag of dry store bought just in case 😉 ) So away we went sifted our dry ingredients made the oh so important “well”. We are still trying to figure out the purpose of this “well”, why is it so important? Why can’t we just add the wet mixed ingredients to the dry slowly? Oh so many questions…  Whatever, if that is the way it is done, then that is the way we will do it! It was messy and we thought we were doing it all wrong but slowly it started to come together and then voila! pasta dough!! No pasta machine, no problem!! A rolling pin was all we needed! Rolled it out, cut it up and popped into boiling water! We had such a great time! My nephew and daughter helped and it was such an amazing memory to be made! Our dinner was a hit for all and we are looking forward to making it again.

So, an easy cheap bucket list item checked off the list!! Start to think of things you have always wanted to do. Big or small! Experience and adventure are waiting for you, just open your mind and start doing, start living!!! You will not regret it!!


9 thoughts on “Bucket list- Pasta

  1. i just started following your blog not long ago after reading about breast cancer blogs people follow . I went back and read most of your posts . I’m so glad to see an update.
    Love The pasta – bucket list . Sometimes it’s the small things…
    I love pasta but have never made it .
    I too have metastatic breast cancer and checked of the silliest smallest thing on my list ~ peak in the front porch window of creepy not lived in house in the neighborhood 🤣. My 10 yr old daughter thought I was nuts , but I’m still laughing about it weeks later…
    I hope today was a good day .
    ~ Jodelle

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    1. Thanks so much for reading Jodelle!!!! 🙂 So glad you have enjoyed it. You must give making pasta a try, much easier than I expected. I am laughing so hard at reading your bucket list check! That took a lot of guts and is totally is awesome!!!! I hope your day was a good one too fellow met sister xox


  2. Looking amazing Krista! Way to go. You are an inspiration. Makes me very hungry looking at the photos. Thanks for sharing your fun experience with us.

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