As I was saying about happier days…

Yes my posts have been…grim to say the least for far too long!!! While I know sadness, pain etc. is a part of this, it is not ONLY what it is! lol Does that sentence even make sense?! Whatever, it stays as it is, moving on… my pain and mobility have improved so much since the week in hospital. Meds, radiation and bone treatments have finally kicked in and I am feeling miles away from where I was, can I get an Amen!!! Also, my most recent blood work has shown my liver enzymes are down so the new chemo, Eribulin (Halaven) just might be working. There is only about a 6 percent chance that this one will do anything positive but I could not help but feel such happiness and hope from those results. I have also been furiously researching, trying to find other treatments that might be available to me if this one fails quickly. I have a couple promising leads but I am not an oncologist so I really have no clue, plus we are in Canada and not all treatments are available here. As much as I am accepting my death, I am not welcoming it at all and my promise stands firm, I will not give up!

Enough about treatments!! Some wonderful things have been happening during this rough time and they need to be acknowledged! Starting with the most simple, my beautiful sister Tina took me for a mani/pedi and it was wonderful! There is nothing like getting your nails done, so simple and refreshing, just makes you feel pretty right! As you know, because you are reading my blog, I write a blog. It is with great pride I can tell you I was published in Wildfire Magazine, an online mag for younger women with breast cancer. They were doing a Metastatic issue and I was chosen to be included as one of their contributors!!! I would suggest this magazine for all the under 40’s with breast cancer. It is a really great read and touches on subjects that are important for women with breast cancer under 40, here is the link to them Wildfire. I have also been highlighted on!!!! I am pretty sure that any of you reading with breast cancer has been on this site many times.  An amazing site for support, information and anything else you could think of. I actually did a podcast, holy shit I was scared lol but from what I hear from others that have listened to it, I did a pretty good job! My daughters video blog post was also shared by them and she was over the moon about that. My husband, Pat had done a blog post a while back and that was also shared on Here is the link if anyone is interested in checking it out never thought my little blog would ever reach so many, I am just a mom from Oshawa lol but, I am beyond grateful!

A few months ago I took off my wedding ring for a C/T scan. When I went to put it back on, it was gone. I could not find it anywhere and I was gutted. We all searched the house in every nook and cranny, but it was not to be found. I had planned on leaving it to my son for his wedding and it was driving me crazy that I had lost it. I looked online to see if the store still had my ring and to my surprise they did. So I planned on buying a new one, not quite the same but I was OK with it. Well, my sister, my wonderful amazing sister came up with a plan and my family, god bless them!, rallied together and replaced my ring! I was shocked and cried like a baby! My heart was filled and I found peace in my soul as soon as I put it on!

Another wonderful thing that has happened, my amazing friends!, have proven once again that they can not be beat! So supportive, loving and awesome! They knew I wanted to plan a family trip. I have promised this to my kids and it is so very important that I make this happen. There are a few roadblocks we need to remove before we can make the trip happen. Jenn and Brian automatically wanted to help and offered up their minivan and timeshare in Florida to help. Unreal! Then Mark decided to set up a go fund me campaign to help as well. We can’t thank all who have donated enough!!! The campaign is amazing and aside from a couple more bumps we will hopefully be on our way to geeking out with Harry Potter in Universal Studios and Disney soon.

While I was able to appreciate all these wonderful things, they were clouded by how sick I have been. The shorter life expectancy was also a giant hurdle to get over. I was so heartbroken. I am in a much better head space now and can now give these kick ass amazing happenings the recognition they deserve!

I want to thank all my family and friends for everything they have done. I love you all so much xox I am truly spoiled rotten and one of the luckiest people ever!!!!

Love and laughter all!! xox


4 thoughts on “As I was saying about happier days…

  1. Amen! I am so proud of you! Wildire! I’m so happy for your treatment and what it’s doing for you, and for all your blessings of happiness! I hope your family trip makes all your dreams come true. Love you 💙

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